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Monday, January 30, 2017

How do you know the safety of the fetus

How do you know the safety of the fetus
How do you know the safety of the fetus

Every mother preoccupied with the health of her unborn child and keep always worried and scared that affects her unborn child any harm to fall ill or any genetic disease or other diseases that could be transmitted to the fetus and is in the mother's womb.

So to every mother should to always keen and her fetus throughout pregnancy until if there are any complications or any abuse Veken there is a time to treat and maintain the integrity of the mother and the fetus. In order to always keep reassuring the health of your baby, consult a physician each month left until the doctor examines the fetus and to check on his health and his movement inside the uterus and the fetal growth rate and listen to the pulse of the fetus, until

they are sure that the fetus grows in good health. And there are women who need special review and continuously during pregnancy because of being infected with one of the diseases, such as diabetes and blood pressure, and blood clotting disease,

heart disease. And if you pregnant with twins or there are any problems in the liquid Caminos must be retrograde doctor regularly To prevent any surprises may occur to you during pregnancy and doctors always advised women who intend to carry that deals with folic acid before pregnancy three months, and if it could not through the first three months of the child in order to protect against any diseases or abnormalities may endure, and there are tests carried out by parents and often before marriage to make sure that they caught one of the diseases transmitted to the fetus, such as thalassemia and sickle. And you can be assured a day on the fetus and when it starts the movement, especially in the seventh month was his very clear and you feel every day and more than twice a day and this keeps reassuring the fetus, but if the day happened and did not feel the movement of your baby, go by immediately for a doctor to make sure there are no problems with the fetus....

Monday, January 23, 2017

The effects of smoking on health

The effects of smoking on health

Smoking is very in the community habits, and has many disadvantages on the individual physical and mental health, in addition to its negative impact on society, also has a variety of damage to the environment, and do not forget the loss of money and , and in this article we will look at clarifying the smoke damage to the health of body and community Health, may and perhaps to read it and learn a lesson by smokers this bad habit.

Smoking on the health of the body damage Smoking causes serious damage to the health of the body, especially the heart and lungs, where it affects the function of the oxygen distribution in the body, and narrow and sometimes fill the blood vessels in front responsible for oxygen transport blood, and therefore not taking the body adequacy of enough oxygen to carry out its functions , smoking also causes certain illnesses

Cancers of the lungs and throat, or other members of the respiratory tract, in addition to the risk for lip and tongue cancer.

Ills head injury and a lack of focus, and increase the proportion of oblivion, as a result of necessary oxygen to the brain deficiency.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The concept of telemedicine

The concept of telemedicine
The concept of telemedicine

Is the transfer of medical information through audio modes visible participatory is the purpose of medical consultations and surgeries or remote medical diagnosis is through the use of the medical sector of communications technology within the digital world in many areas, the most important medical information management, through the collection of information; and processed automatically, and retrieval, also includes the concept of telemedicine to publish and distribute medical information, and carry out surgical operations, and the provision of health services, as well as X-ray operations, operations and health education, through raising awareness on medical matters.

It lacks individuals living in remote areas to health services; and because of the presence of specialist doctors in the densely populated large cities, as a result of rapid development in the field of communications was to overcome this problem which could become the patient to communicate with the doctor, who is in away from him, or even a doctor is with the area in another state, and the use of telemedicine by medical personnel in various fields of medical specialties, including dermatology, oncology, radiology, surgery, cardiology.

Types of telemedicine
Telemedicine conferences via video: from which to direct the delivery of health services between the doctor and the patient, where the doctor reviews the patient's medical file before the conference, and then writes a medical report on the status of the patient and his mind and sends them via the video. 

Home care: the delivery of health care to patients in their homes, and use the contact to transmit voice low resolution photographs techniques and available device that allows the transfer of health information to the patient through it to the doctor who resides in a medical institution in a remote area, and turning it into information and images .

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The health benefits of food systems plant

The health benefits of food systems plant
The health benefits of food systems plant

Diets that make up the plant material bulk of them were characterized as being healthier and more beneficial to the body, in addition to its positive impact on the mental health and aesthetics of the body, fruit contains inherently large amounts of water, and also contain important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as to avoid animal foods in these systems of great interest on the body.

Increase the body's energy:

Natural energy level increased in the body is considered one of the most important benefits of vegetarian diets, as vegetarian meals rich in fiber and low in fat and cholesterol and is the most natural material non-industrial, and this reduces the weight of the body and makes it easier to move, and the vegetable diets increase the ability of body endurance during exercise.

Weight loss:

Eating vegetarian diets help to lose weight in the body as the replacement of the bad and high-fat foods, which are mostly animal capable of with the help of the body to lose weight, which makes you feel fuller for long hours because of dietary fiber which is characterized by its existence vegetarian food, which works to reduce the amount of the food that we eat every day, as well as the calories in each meal.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What healthy food benefit

how does healthy food benefit you
What healthy food benefit

The healthy food is food that be a cause in the body and vitality and his health, which is, which enhances the body disease-resistant, and not vice versa, and healthy eating human , and the food is healthy, but if contained various nutrients needed by the human body, and the amount of suitable food for him.

The nutrients needed by the human distributed in various types of foods and drinks,  nutritionists these species is divided into several groups, such as the rich grain group carbohydrates and energy, proteins and others, such as wheat, rice, barley, and a range of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, metals and iron, and a milk and dairy products, which is an important source of calcium and vitamins, as well as for groups of meat, fats and sweets, and contained different nutrients.

A person should take into account in his food several things so that his food healthy and useful to him, and so to have enough food, which provides him the energy needed in their daily activities without being extravagant in it; because the wasteful many disadvantages infect the body including obesity and overeating and laziness, as well as to keen on diversification in the types of foods that are covered; and because it is not possible to be in one variety of food all the nutrients needed by the human, as well as should a person be keen on cleanliness and food free of germs and harmful substances.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What are the primary health care service?

What are the primary health care service?
What are the primary health care service?

Primary health care is part of the medical service, which is managed from within the community and are often the first point of contact for the individual. 

Titles and varied places of health care all over the state, the most famous medical center, or a doctor ,
 or family health center or a surgical center of the public to the doctor. The official term is a primary care center.
 This term indicates that this place is often the headquarters, not only for doctors, but also to the terms of reference of other physician practices, and psychologists. 

Primary medical care center is the place to start than most consulting and medical referrals as he place from which treatment, even when the referral of patients to specialists elsewhere for medical care (often a hospital), 

physician general processor remains familiar with the evolution of the situation and send him a report when a patient goes out to his house.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How do we maintain physical health

How do we maintain physical health

Man has always dreamed of living a long-lived free of diseases and health problems that disturb his life,

†Therefore it seeks to retain the body of a decent and attractive shape without suffering from the early signs of the disease and wrinkles that infect the skin, and keeps his body away from the mind and memory loss, which has become a common disease in young and elderly alike.

Fitness and health is not only if a person stuck to a healthy life style in food, clothing, sleeping and movement, as well as some guidelines to follow behavioral avoided exposure to the problems of psychological and health unexpected,

Some were unaware of how to deal with their bodies and believe that diseases related to Balokdar only, Inma is also related to a close with the style of life of the sinner, and we will address here to some of the things that make our lives beautiful and kept us our health for longer term without the tiger stages the suffering of patients around the world, It can be achieved by following the instructions constantly.

Get rid of the unhealthy diet, and avoiding eating fries and fast food high in saturated fat, and energy drinks, soft drinks, pastries filled with sugars refined, canned food rich in salt, colorings and improvers taste, the food is organic-containing hormones, as well as limit the intake of fatty meats of all kinds.

Drink plenty of water a day, especially early in the morning, at a rate of not less than two liters a day; to help the body to burn excess fat, expel waste products from the digestive system, improve blood circulation and stimulate the cells.


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